Borat, Ron Jeremy, Michael Jackson, and Transformative Hermeneutic Heuristics

This blog originally appeared on Kosovo 2.0. Available here in English, Albanian, and Serbian. 

Kosovo isn’t the only country with a lousy academic research output. Recently, a group of Serbian academics, frustrated with the lack of Serbian research published abroad, sent a fake article to a (real) Romanian journal called Metalurgia International. The article is called Evaluation of Transformative Hermeneutic Heuristics for Processing Random Data, and references Borat, porn star Ron Jeremy and Michael Jackson as sources. It also refers to the non-existent Journal of Illogical Studies.

Some of the article’s gems include statements like:

Our work has been inspired and directly founded on various astonishing research by intellectual giants in various interesting fields of social science and practically conducted and supported by the advances in multiple technical disciplines, thus giving this work a veritable multidisciplinary aura. We place our work in context with the prior work in several multidisciplinary areas.

As well as:

In line with the proposed methodology, we randomly chose a set of 10 highly important parameters which were configured into our heuristic algorithm:

● employment status
● spouse’s occupation
● wife’s occupation
● religion
● life quality index
● TV exposure
● spouse’s education
● wife’s education
● supports EU aid

Read more about it here, and check out the full article below:

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