How to help your friends wake up from their Dokufest hangovers

This blog was written during our annual coverage of the Dokufest film festival in Prizren.  We were all sharing a great house a few minutes away from where everything was happening, but as you might imagine based on the title, it was a bit of a struggle to get people out of bed in the morning. A struggle for some, a blast for others (me).

If you’re the friend that’s a) always sober, or b) a chronic early riser, it’ll be up to you to ensure that your group of friends doesn’t end up sleeping the day away after a particularly long Dokunight. Here’s how to avoid wasting time waiting for your friends to get out of bed during Dokufest:

1. Start brewing strong Turkish coffee in kitchen – that stuff is strong enough to raise the dead.
2. Try and find a place close to a mosque, for a daily 5am wake up call.
3. Be gentle, and coax your friends out of bed with promises of tea and kifle.
4. A tip from a close friend of ours: place a freshly cut onion right under your sleeping friend’s nose.
5. If you’re sharing a room, be that great roommate that sets an alarm (across the room) for 6:45.
6. Play this song at full blast.
7. Get a pot and a spoon. You know what to do.
8. If you’re staying in a family’s home, get the all extended relatives over for a cup of tea.
9. Bring in a few guys with tupans and a zurle – it’s wedding season so they shouldn’t be hard to find. Extra bonus points if you can find some dancers too.
10. Prizren in the summer is incredibly hot, easily reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius. So why not help your sleeping friends wake up with some refreshing cold water to the face?

Good luck,

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