Kant get enough Kant – theory CAN be funny

Professor Loebel taught a great class that I took last year, called Contemporary Literary and Cultural Theory.  He had a way of making impenetrable theory understandable, and is probably the only man in North America who can make Hegel’s dialectic funny.

A few weeks after the class I ended I looked through my old notes. Some of the quotes written in the margins made me giggle.

I will share them with you, because some of these need to be on t-shirts:

“Hegel never sleeps.”

When talking about infants: “Wailing feed-me machines”, “baby body things”, etc.

“Symptomatic behaviour is a beautiful thing.”

“It just got separated from its desire like Marie Antoinette from her head.”

“Go visit a baby and Hegel will be explained to you.”

“Ask yourself, why am I conscious?”

“You’re beyond guilt? May it turn into a malignant tumour.”

“I was 37 before I had a cookie before dinner.”

On aggression as explained by Freud: “You should see me pet cats.”

“Morons in love are the happiest people.”

“It’s YOU rejecting YOU.”

“Try and counter civilization. You’ll feel like Joan of Arc as she was being burned. At best.”

“The redefinition of love still has to make sense. We can’t say ‘I fejizzit you’.”

 The pet food aisle in supermarkets: “The single people place.”

“Where’s my globalization!?”

“God is everywhere. He’s in the drive-thru.”


    1. ahehaeaha, not to worry, i stalked your blog as well…see you in a few hours for some research methods excitement …:)

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