An older sister of sisters should ask for Lenin’s haircut

Staying up really late isn’t healthy.

My dad cut my long, curly hair and it only took him 5, maybe 7 minutes.

I took out this birth order book from the 60’s from Scott Library today called Family Constellation. It said that as an older sister of sisters, I can only attract men who are passive, feminine, used to being bossed around and/or were traumatized in their early childhood. This is because I seek to dominate in all my relationships. I heavily identify with my father, who I see as infallible. I am secretly highly competitive towards and despise all women, especially my female superiors. I can only respect other females who are older sisters (as long as they don’t pose a threat to my authority) and/or younger sisters from all-female sibling settings (who submit to my authority). I’d rather kill myself than let Death take me naturally. Hilarious.

Imagery for decoding: haircut, father, older sister, Death?

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