So I’ve been wondering over WHERE else have I seen anything like Irigaray’s vision of intersubjective relationships in all the novels and theory I’ve read over the past four years.

I think the closest is this lovely D.H. Lawrence poem I’ve loved ever since I was old enough to want a boyfriend:

I am so glad there is always you beyond my scope,
Something that stands over,
Something I shall never be,
That I shall always wonder over, and wait for,
Look for like the breath of life as long as I live,
Still waiting for you, however old you are, and I am,
I shall always wonder over you, and look for you.
And you will always be with me.
I shall never cease to be filled with newness,
Having you near me.

I used to know it by heart: near me, with me, but beyond my scope, and something I shall never be.

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